Dear readers, it’s time for the much-anticipated 2016 Golden Greta Awards. This year, our show is live from the Braselton Waffle House and Dinner Theater. Seriously, where else can you seat this many people, get free parking, and enjoy those crispy waffles?

As many of you know, this award show is unlike any other, well except for the Little Miss Braselton contest, but let’s not talk about that now. Our nominees this year are hotter than a defective battery in: A) a Tesla or B) a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

As in past years, the Golden Greta Awards often are overshadowed by other history-making events. It was no different this November, when as we were preparing the show, America was rocked by an enormous shock. A shock so huge it left many people crying, sobbing, and shivering under their bed covers. Yes, I’m talking about the breakup of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Now, it’s time to order your breakfast, settle in your seats, and hope for as many hits as the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Enjoy our show!

Best Way to View Paris

Ahoy! Step onboard one of the riverboats of the Vedettes du Pont Neuf.  See the city from the Seine and learn some history at the same time.

Best Airline Meal

Yum! The award goes to Air France on a flight between Paris and Atlanta. Chris enjoyed a salad of quinoa, Parmesan shavings, and a poached egg, followed by veal stew on polenta. Then, there was cheese with black cherry preserves and a mascarpone mousse topped with tropical fruit. There also might have been a glass of Champagne. Or two.

Best Sauerkraut and Beer

Germany. No question. And include some grilled Nuremberg sausages on top of that sauerkraut.

Hottest Hotel Room

Welcome to an outer ring of Hell. The NH Hotel in Nuremberg. The a/c wasn’t working and it was just a tad hot and humid in Nuremberg. Not only was the a/c not blowing cold air, it wasn’t blowing air. I think the temp hit about 80 in our room. Turns out the a/c wasn’t working on the entire floor of the hotel. We moved to a new room and bought some extra deodorant at a drug store.

Favorite Afternoon in a Bar

If you’re in Paris and want to unwind and lose track of time, wander over to the bar at the Ritz Hotel. Sue sampled a cocktail called the So British. Chris enjoyed a brandy manhattan. Perfection!

Longest Walk Carrying a Poster

Our late September visit to Paris and the antique show, found us the owners of a large vintage poster of the Paris Metro system. Chris hauled it on the Metro back to our hotel (such a guy!) and then we spent three days hiking Paris looking for cardboard, tape, and bubble wrap to pack the poster. On Day 4, poster was walked to a French post office, and poster was shipped to Georgia. One week later, it arrived. In perfect condition. Merci to the French postal service.

Fastest Way Through An Airport

Sky Priority access at Charles DeGaulle in Paris. If you can get Sky Priority on Delta or Air France. Do it. Do not hesitate. No standing in lines. Just sail through to Immigration and baggage claim.

Best Thanksgiving Dinner

We opened the Golden Greta’s this year to nominees in the US. Our winner for Thanksgiving dinner is South City Kitchen in Atlanta. Out-of-the-box, but Chris had the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and collard greens. Oh, and let’s talk about the cornbread. And butter.

Biggest Braselton Celebrity

Move over Taylor Swift! The Office Manager, Greta, was featured as the Pet of the Month in a local magazine. During the photo shoot, you could tell why this lady proudly wears the title of the Belle of Braselton.

Best Customers and Friends

This is the most-coveted award and we saved it for last. All of you receive this recognition because without you, EuropeanMarket wouldn’t exist. Thanks for letting us do what we love to do and be a part of your lives. Wishing all of you a bright and wonderful 2017!