Finnish Lifestyle Products

Who:Klo Design

What:Bags, totes, linens, clothing, furniture

Where:Turku, Finland

Hop onboard one of VR’s (Finland’s rail system) intercity trains in Helsinki and in two hours you’ll arrive in the town of Turku. It’s here where we met the creative and talented folks of Klo Design. The studio started in 2004 as a class design project at Turku University. Several students in the furniture, textiles, and fashion design departments were given the assignment of collaborating on several new products for Japanese consumers. One of those students was Dani Aavinen. Dani loved the project so much that he decided to build a company around the concept. Today, Klo Design is a lifestyle brand offering an evolving collection of accessories, interior textiles, furniture, and clothing. All Klo Design silk screen products offered by EuropeanMarket are made from the highest quality materials with attention to the finest detail.