German Holiday Decorations


What:Holiday decorations

Where:Steinach, Germany

Drive into Steinach from the south and one of the first buildings you see is the home of Marolin. The company has been at this site since its founding the early 1900s. Today, the company is run by Christian Forkel (the great, great grandson of the founder). The firm has been in the family the entire time, except from 1972-1990, when the East German communist government took over the facility. Marolin crafts beautiful, intricate papier mache and glass decorations and figurines. Many of the items are made using vintage molds and forms. Marolin decorations (Christmas and Easter) will last for generations and become family heirlooms. Plus, Christian is a terrific chef. He and Billie (his wife) have had us to their home for a cookout. Let me say, Christian makes some of the best sauerkraut I’ve ever eaten.