Swiss Bags, Totes, and Duffels

Who:Karlen Swiss

What:Bags made from recycled Swiss Army blankets, Swiss Post bags, and Swiss Rail seat fabric

Where:Törbel, Switzerland

The Swiss village of Törbel (500 people) sits high in the mountains of southern Switzerland overlooking the Saas and Zermatt Valley. Here, Yvonne and Hans Karlen run their company producing bags, totes, duffels, and accessories. The Karlens craft their goods from the finest Swiss leather, vintage Swiss Army blankets, used Swiss Post bags, or the seat fabric taken from Swiss Rail passenger cars. We love the recycled element to these cool, chic products. Hans grew up in Törbel, where his father, Titus, has a small shop making leather shoes, belts, and cow bell harnesses. In addition to making stylish bags for sale to retail customers, Karlen also makes bags and totes for the Swiss Army. So, when you buy a Karlen bag, you know you’re getting the highest quality.