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20150509_07210220150506_124939Thursday marked two weeks since our move to the greater Atlanta metro area. We now call Braselton home. Our house and office are located in an area about 5 miles southwest of Braselton, so we’re not in town, but it’s the nearest place with a post office, hair salon, library, and police department. Join me for a quick tour of several of the landmarks in our little hometown.
1. Beautiful home located in the center of Braselton.
2. The original department store. You could buy everything from overalls to caskets.

3. Waffle House. Yes, there is one on every corner.

4. Stop by Mayfield Dairy for an ice cream cone.

5. Read a book while sitting in a rocking chair on the library’s porch.

6. Welcome to the city.

7. Braselton homestead marker.

8. The old farm in the center of town.

9. The Publix supermarket. Some of the best and friendliest customer service.