In early January we visited Stockholm for Formex, the Scandinavian Home Interiors and Gifts Show. Plus, we scouted the city for new products to share with you. Even in the middle of January (each day had about 6 hours of light) we loved the city and its residents. Everyone we met was friendly, helpful, and more than happy to speak English. Yes, hard to believe, but we aren’t fluent Swedish speakers. Join us on a quick tour of several of our favorite Stockholm discoveries.


Griffins—a steakhouse (we know, but trust us) near the central train station. One of the bellhops at our hotel sent us here for dinner. Fantastic food. Sue enjoyed a seared duck breast while I sampled the roast pork belly. That pork was served with some of the best mashed potatoes I’ve tasted. Dessert was a warm bread pudding with cardamom ice cream.

Sture Hof—with the Baltic Sea lapping its shores, you’re bound to dine on fish in Sweden. In Stockholm, stop by Sture Hof for your fish. For those of us (look at Chris) that aren’t fish lovers, try the roast beef cheeks.

Tranan—located several subway stops from the central train station, but worth the trip, is Tranan. This delightful bistro offers a selection of homemade delights. Do try the wonderful Swedish dark rolls. We sampled one of the best warm chevre salads outside France.


Torndahl—nestled in an old building on Gamla Stan sits this shop offering Scandinavian products. First opened in 1864, this store offers everything from homewares to jewelry to toys.

NK/Nordiska Kompaniet—opening its doors in 1902, this is the city’s premier department store. Browse the five floors for the latest in European fashion, beauty, and homeware selections.

Bacchus Antik—if you want to see a tremendous selection of mid-century and Scandinavian furniture find your way here. The owner has a fantastic collection of chairs, benches, tables, and sofas all with a swinging 1950s-1960s vibe.



Sheraton Hotel—wonderful central location. Perfect for walking to most areas of the downtown area and Gamla Stan. Ask for a room with a water view.


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