deskWriting this blog entry this morning finds me surrounded by stacks of papers and boxes. I’ve taken many mementos off the wall in my office. And, my credenza is cleaner than it has been in several years. A move has brought about all this change.

In three weeks, EuropeanMarket packs up and moves to Atlanta. Moving to Atlanta came about because of a job change for Sue. And, it means a change for EuropeanMarket, too.

We started germinating this business during the summer of 2009 right here in this office. A dream business of importing cool, fun, unique products from Europe was just an idea on paper that summer. I spent many hours at the computer researching companies and making phone calls to Europe. I felt lucky to remember my high school and college German, but had no idea what I was doing with French and Italian.

That November we launched the business with an open house. We both were worried that only about five people would show up. I was thinking if we could get 10 people we’d be making the big time. I think we had over 100 visitors that afternoon and haven’t looked back.

Five years later it’s time to say goodbye to Middleton and hello to Atlanta. Our new location means a larger home base of potential customers and Hartsfield International Airport for flights to Europe. No more making the trip to Chicago and then onward connections. Nice.

Even though we are moving, we hope all of you come along with us and stay in contact. As we’ve said many times, we wouldn’t be here without all of you. You are why we stay in business.

Since this blog was about the business, I took a photo of part of my desk (the clean part) where I’ve spent my days (some nights and weekends, too) since 2009. I wanted a memory of this place. Here’s what you see in the photo—


  1. One of the notebooks I travel with. Always have one of these with me for note taking, writing copy on flights, and storing business cards I pick up during a journey.
  2. My crazy pen and pencil collection. I am a nut for pens and pencils. And, here’s my problem. I can never really find one I love. If you have ideas let me know.
  3. Boeing Stratocruiser model. Sue gave me this a few years ago on my birthday. It reminds me of my love of planes and travel. I look at it and think, “where should we go next.”
  4. A photo of me and my brother in crazy German hats. I’m in the beer stein hat. Don’t ask.
  5. A black-and-white-photo of me, Sue, and our old dog Bo. A favorite from 2002 when we first moved to Middleton. Who were those kids?
  6. A stone coaster with a golf ball. My mom gave this to me when I was in college (over 30 years ago) and still played golf. It’s been with me in every office I’ve had. Countless Dr. Pepper cans, cups of coffee, and green teas from Starbucks have called it home. It’s going to Atlanta and will be in my new office. Count on it.