Donna leading us on a snowy tour of Paris' largest flea market—Marche Saint-Ouen.

Donna leading us on a snowy tour of Paris’ largest flea market—Marche Saint-Ouen.

Do you dream of jetting away to Paris and enjoying all the sights, sounds, and flavors of the City of Light? But, you are holding back because you don’t speak French, don’t know which hotel to select, and how to get around the city.

Well, my fellow travelers, start packing and stop fretting. Meet our new best friend in Paris, Donna Morris. A transplanted Southerner, Donna owns a personalized travel service—Best Friend in Paris—

If a Paris vacances (French for vacation) is in your future, contact Donna. She’ll suggest places to stay, cafes to enjoy, and wine bars to entice. Plus, she can show you the ins and outs of riding the Metro, bus, or regional rail network (RER). After one morning, you’ll act like a French commuting pro.

Once you meet Donna, you’ll love her energy, enthusiasm, and adventurous spirit. Working with her is like having your best friend, sister, and personal concierge in Paris, one of our favorite cities.