British Natural Candles

$ 35.00

The name of these candles—Pure Light—says it all. When several friends and family members of Amanda Stott suffered allergic reactions to the synthetic fragrances used in some candles, the entrepreneur went to work. After much research and testing, she launched her bespoke candle company. Named one of England’s top three scented candles by British Homes & Gardens, these elegant candles team pure essential oils with natural soy wax. The company only sources ingredients from farmers and growers who stand by the purity of their plants and essences. The result? Clean-burning candles providing a fresh experience. Light one and let its wonderful fragrance fill your home. These make an ideal gift. EuropeanMarket is the exclusive U.S. retailer for Pure Light candles.
Made in England.

Size: 190 g (burn time—approx. 50 hours)
Select: English lavender (floral and soothing)
Lemongrass and lime (zesty and fresh)
English peppermint and lemon (refreshing and reviving)

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